Our Services
For Candidates:

Megatech Consulting has various services to support IT and technical job seekers. Our specialized recruiters understand the industry and know the challenges candidates face. We work with candidates to ensure that they are presenting the best to potential employers and we consult and guide applicants through the entire job placement process. We are always looking for talented individuals, so candidates are always welcome to reach out to us. Our assessments and consultations make individuals more marketable and all around stronger candidates.

For Employers:

Megatech Consulting has a range of services that are customized to the needs of our employer clients. Our IT/technical specialist recruiters work individually with our clients to understand their job needs and specific technical requirements. We create a tailored vetting process based on the specific job posting and client requirements. Clients can also consult our specialists throughout the recruiting process, whether it is to help craft their specific job posting or to explain their vetting requirements, our specialists can provide a host of services aimed at supporting our employer clients and making the employee search an efficient and simple process.